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War stories

By Stormy boi


Stormy Boi - Revelations.jpg

Deep underground in a TCF bunker in Paladi, Commander Granik walks down the long corridors with a grim face, until he reached one of the terminals where he spots one of his troopers. The trooper was private Brickson and seeing him almost improved his mood, until he remembered what he held in his hand.


As he approached Brickson the two saluted each other, with Brickson starting the conversation. 


"What brings you here today sir, the usual inspection?".  Granik nodded as he watched Brickson turn back to the terminal, Brickson noting that something was off about Granik today.


"Well everything is in top shape sir. The readings are all sound and the beacons from our major outposts are still green, good too. With this infection spreading it's nice to know the TCF if still up to the challenge-"


"It's a lie.", Granik said softly. As Brickson looked back at Granik he noticed his eyes turn watery as he handed him what was in his hand. It was an encrypted message disc, for Granik's eyes only. "Put it in son, I want you to see the truth for yourself." As Brickson inserted the disc into the terminal he read it out loud. 


" Alpha level message for all TCF post commanders. Containment has failed, we repeat containment has failed. TCF forces have been routed in all known areas, infection is too powerful. New orders from high command: hunker down and stay at your posts, follow up orders will be sent once a new command post has been set up.....". Brickson couldn't read the rest, he couldn't believe it.  


"But sir.....all our major outposts are green across the board, they're still online how could we....." Brickson watched as Granik leaned forward and typed in his override password turning all the screens on the terminals black. When they came back online he gasped as he saw what they now showed. All across the screens outposts flashed a red light, meaning they had been overrun. He put a finger to the screen as he went down the list of the major bases they had scattered across the world.


Alpha: offline


Beta: offline 


Gamma: unresponsive


Delta: offline


Charlie: unresponsive


Echo: unresponsive


Foxtrot: offline


Omega: unresponsive


Epsilon: offline


Nova Proxima: online-reinforcements needed


He took a step back, most of their bases were gone, and the smaller outposts were in the same boat. He shook his head a few times before he kicked his chair across the hall. Granik sat down and leaned against terminal, watching Brickson let his rage go.  "That's not the worst of it. Some outposts joined SMITE. I don't know how but from what I heard it was one of their prophets, some one known as Messorem."


Brickson looked back at Granik , grabbing him by the collar. "Why, why, why did they lie to us, why did you lie to us!?". 


"We had too, it was the only way to keep up the fight, to keep up hope for us."


Brickson let Granik go as he turned away and ran down the hall to tell the other troopers in the listening bunker. As he ran Granik sat there tears slowly falling down his face.


"But their is no hope, not anymore."




Stormy Boi - Messorem.jpg

TCF  H.V.I File 9958 "MESSOREM"


Known as prophet messorem, real name yet to be discovered. It is unknown at this time when messorem joined the group known as SMITE, however what is know is how influential he has been amongst the organization. 


From what evidence we have been able to find he seems to be one of the more active prophets of SMITE, being seen on numerous occasions by both undercover operatives as well as defector and prisoner accounts. Details from these three sources state that messorem is of high intelligence and possesses an unatural ability to win over the hearts and minds of all his follows using his voice alone. Evidence of this has been confirmed by incident 7-5 a as listed below.



Incident 7-5a


A group of around 7 civilians had broken into a TCF bio divisions facility late at night and had managed to cause serious damage to both the facility and personal on site. Of the 7, 4 had to be killed with the last 3 being taken alive. When questioned all 3 individuals claimed to have been approached by a person in black dress who began to ramble about the unity. As the they listened to the man's words they suddenly became fully devoted to his ideology and carried out his bidding. 


End of incident 7-5a


It is unknown if this ability is through a mastery of speech, or some other means but it is real enough of a threat that TCF is currently in discussion of having messorem assassinated by special operatives. Any information regarding messorem is classified, due to the fear that his speeches could compromise TCF members and cause unknown damage. 


Further information for this file shall be updated per review by TCF command.

Final words of Rick Jameson

Stormy Boi - Diary of Rick Jameson.jpg

Heh, writing that in seems pointless, doubt anyone will ever find this. I was assigned to the TCF Military Combat division 3rd desert core. we were tasked with defending the southern desert region from the infected, a task they said would be simple. At first we believed them; it was quiet on this front, at least at first. No SMITE activity had been reported from this area, and the only Outpost had been a research center that we wiped from the map a month before around 100 clicks from this position. 


Whenever the infected charged at our lines they were easily beaten back, and with the heat they were severely weakened. But that all changed when the reports of the mutations started to reach our ears. We knew the fungus gave the infected greater strength and speed, but those that had mutated were even stronger. Top brass tried to hide it from us, thought we wouldn't fight that hard if we knew it was hopeless. Well, they were right, when the mutations first came we opened fire, and when they didn't go down like the other infected we just assumed we were missing our shots. But boy were we wrong.


We'd blow off their limbs but they'd just reform as long as the body they were part of was still holding. I remember seeing one breach the line and absorb an entire squad into it's grey mass, but that wasn't even the worst of it. Even when we killed them a small bud would detach and infect one of our troops, and by the time we realized it, it would already be on a killing spree. took only a few days for these mutations to force a retreat of the entire defense line, but my squad wasn't that lucky. They had cut us off, and now they were closing in every second, waiting to finally get their hands on their next meals. Of the 4 troopers under my command 3 ran off trying to make a break through back to the rest of the core.


I can still hear their screams even now, but the last trooper was what broke me. He was a kid fresh out of bootcamp, and even until his last moments he stilled believed in the cause. Last night he woke me up tears falling down his face, before he could tell me why he was crying I saw it, the mutation slithering into one of his wounds. I couldn't let him turn, couldn't stand to see him become one of those monsters. My weapon was too far so I pulled my knife stabbed him in the back, and as he fell to the ground I stood there silent. I went to my tent and grabbed the last bottle of liquor and my sidearm. 


I can see them charging me as I record this final line. As I drink the last of this bottle I have one wish,


I hope these bastards choke on me

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