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The invitation

Story by dakara samara,
art by sarnomii


Subject: Kyrnaz Muiak Cryoacl
Interrogator: John D. Darenson
Security: Hannah M. Luria

Dr. Darenson enters the room, the door closing behind him as the clean interrogation room. On the opposite side of the table sat Ms. Cryoacl. Clearing his throat, he sat up straight. Nervously looking into her eyes... not able to look into all four of them.

Dr. Darenson: "Morning Ms. Cryoacl."
Ms. Cryoacl: "Good morning dear, happy to see you're still well~?"
Dr. Darenson: "Yes ma'am, shall we begin?"
Ms. Cryoacl: "Of course, please begin~"


With a nervous nod, Dr. Darenson pushes up his glasses, beginning to look down at the paper with the questions. Ms. Luria standing outside of the room as she made sure her shotgun was ready in case she attempted to pull something. Ms. Cryoacl stared at Dr. Darenson with something of a smug look.

Dr. Darenson: "Tell me how--or why you were in our storage room? How did you get into this facility?"

Ms. Cryoacl chuckles, moving her hand to her own lips.

Ms. Cryoacl: "I apologize, dear- it was quite easy actually. I entered through the outside ventilation."
Dr. Darenson: "Which? And if so, how did you pass the security cameras and security members."
Ms. Cryoacl: "..well then...I went through the main south ventilation. Crawled through very quietly and then I waited right outside of the storage vent. Then, when I mistakenly thought that your security wouldn't be able to see me, you had entered the room."

Dr. Darenson paused for a few moments, beginning to write this down on the paper before reading the next question and looking back up at the woman.

Dr. Darenson: "How well did the effects of the bullets harm you?"
Ms. Cryoacl: " if you pinched me, but if you kept going I would have actually been hurt."
Dr. Darenson: "Mmm."

He wrote that down, quickly moving on with the next question.

Dr. Darenson: "Why did you attempt to enter this facility?"
Ms. Cryoacl: "Bored, really..wanted to find more living beings to play with~"

She leaned forward her hands holding up her face as his elbows were on the surface of the table. Writing that down, he continued with the questioning.

Dr. Darenson: "Why are you more different than the other slag? Why do you choose to be more human-like?"
Ms. Cryoacl: "A more peaceful option for you humans, really. Plus it would be better to negotiate rather than fight, unlike that damned man who leads most others. Though if you want to fully know..I'll tell you. Though you seem tense..would me to fix that~?"
Dr. Darenson: "No ma'am."

He quickly replied as he definitely did not want to have any... favors from something that had the possibly of killing him. That, and he didn't want to be put into a room as well. Continuing to write this down while then asking the next question.

Dr. Darenson: "When did you originate? And where?"
Ms. Cryoacl: "Hmph. Classified."
Dr. Darenson: "Alright.."

He wrote that down as well as Ms. Luria was growing impatient.
Then pressing the button so she could speak to the duo.

Ms. Luria: "Hurry, Dr. Darenson."
Dr. Darenson: "Yes ma'am.."

Stating this, he went to the last question.

Dr. Darenson: "What are your motives as of now?"

Ms. Cryoacl grinned, showing her semi-sharp teeth as she leaned even closer. Ms. Luria gripping her shotgun and her hand against the button to open the room door so she could quickly assist Dr. Darenson.

Ms. Cryoacl: "To negotiate, maybe even let you all see trust in me even~?"

Pulling the paper off the table, he carefully stands up as Ms. Cryoacl leaned back in her chair.

Ms. Cryoacl: "Thank you for visiting me again, hon~"
Dr. Darenson: "Of course, we will return tomorrow Ms. Cryoacl. Rest well."

Ms. Luria opens the door, immediately closing it after he got out of the interrogation room. Glad he was safe once more.

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