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Terror Counter Force


The TCF is a government organization dedicated countering potential threats to humanity at large.  It is composed of 3 primary branches: 

MCD - The Military Combat Division

MAD - Military Administrative Division

MSD - Military Science Division

The TCF is an international organization, though it was founded in the USL. There are 10 primary TCF bases, including Delta, Beta, and Epsilon (the development site for 4th dimensional navigation)


Notable members include General Gatner (MCD), Orin Binkly, Kurt Overbeck, and Jenny Lippert (MSD).

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The Sect of maintaining intellect and truth on earth


Little is known of SMITE. Known only by high-ranking members of the TCF and occasionally speculated on by the odd conspiracy theorist, SMITE is understood to be a cult-like organization that worships slag as a holy deity. It is believed that followers of SMITE seek "cosmic unity", and they see slag as the chosen catalyst of unification.

The Founder and many of SMITE's members remain unknown, but TCF spies have managed to gain some information about the organization's structure (at great cost).

At the top, there is the founder of SMITE, usually referred to as "The Redeemer".  He has never been seen by non-SMITE members. His second-in-command is Balthazar Patell II, who holds the title of "Divine Prophet". Below him are a council of prophets including Lazarus and Mortimer Grime. Each prophet leads a faction of followers known as Zealots and Paragons.

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