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Terror of the Night

by Stormy Boi

     Every night the same dream would play in his mind, and every night Julius would be forced to endure the dream's  dark and horrendous nature. Tonight would be no different, and he would again be forced to endure.
Deep underground he raced through the tunnel networks of the base, outrunning the infected as fast as he could. Suddenly the roof caved in behind him trapping him in the tunnel, infected slowly crawling through the cracks of the ruble. He tears one apart using his saw as he heard more start to surround him, ready to feast on his corpse. Just as he was about to be grabbed the whole world went black, with only a deep laugh echoing before he awoke.
    He sat up in his bed and held his brow with his hand, calming himself and slowing down his jagged breath. He didn’t know what these dreams meant, and he even started to doubt himself because of it. Was he finally losing it?Was this war finally taking its toll on his mind? He stood up and dressed himself in his armor, trying to get these thoughts out of his mind. He didn’t know who to go to about his dreams, even if he did what good would come from it?  His reputation would be diminished, his comrades in arms would think him a madman, and his family would see him as a coward.  As he donned his armor he tried his best to forget the dream again, not wanting it to affect him. He’d have to keep it to himself and never mention it to others, both for their sake and for his. 

   As he left his room and headed toward the base's main hall, he turned , feeling something watching him. As he saw nothing he turned back around and headed to the main hall, a single glowing eye slowly coming out from the shadows. Then the laughter began……

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